Bottleneck Professions

Western European countries are experiencing an unprecedented shortage in their work force, this is especially true for highly advanced and industrialised countries such a Belgium. There used to be a tendency to try and alleviate this situation with Eastern Europeans but also there the supply has to a large extend dried up. This has led to employers and governmental employment agencies to coin the term “Bottleneck Professions”.

Bottleneck Professions are for the most parts technically trained and experienced personnel such as for example:

  • Nursing staff,
  • Industrial installation technicians,
  • Site managers and Construction supervisors,
  • Refrigeration technicians & air conditioning maintenance mechanics,
  • Tractor-trailer drivers,
  • Cleaners of people’s homes,
  • Technicians for construction sites, agricultural and lifting machines,
  • Estimators for construction projects,
  • Industrial electrical installers,

Training someone from scratch to learn how to do these jobs can take several years.

Finding therefore people who have experience with for example similar jobs in the Middle East or in the candidate’s national cities can offer a solution to this. Generally, people will be given an employment contract of at least one year whilst keeping the option open to come to Belgium permanently in the long run. Work and residence permit can be requested via one combined document to further save on time. This does not mean it is an altogether easy process, but the good news is that if a profession is listed on the dynamic list of bottleneck professions a potential employer no longer needs to separately prove that there is a structural shortage to find suitable employees locally here. For other applications he would have to do so.

Still, there is a clear benefit to think out of the box and adequately evaluate what skills are needed for a particular job and how to best compose a skillset for the task or project at hand in order to maximise the likelihood of getting it right the first time for all involved.

In some ways, it is similar one could say to the way Billy Beane in Moneyball successfully assembled his prizewinning Major League Baseball team back in the early two thousands; or the way sports agent J. B. Bernstein introduced Indian cricket players to American Baseball.

We are happy to assist in this with our vast international and local knowledge and experience, not to mention our ability to think out of the box to find the right solutions to also help you consistently produce your accurately delivered 90+ mph fastballs.

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