Dispute Resolution

Apart from Expert Witnessing work mentioned in the Consultancy section, Maverick’s can also assist in various stages of (Alternative) Dispute Resolution.

Our Founding Partner Erik VAN WELLEN is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, recognized by several appointing bodies. He is also a fully Accredited Mediator in Belgium by the Federal Mediation Commission -under the Ministry of Justice- for Civil & Business cases. For more on Mediation and how we can be of help please visit the following page.

In addition to the customary (Alternative) Dispute Resolution services and training related thereto Maverick’s also offers its clients contract negotiation services. In such a capacity Maverick’s facilitate the entire contract negotiations process from beginning to end.  In that role, we act as neutral facilitators whose job it is to help parties reach an agreement that satisfies their major interests and will gain the approval of their constituents.

dispute resolution maverick enterprise
Given the specific and confidential nature of these types of assignments we will always have to verify that no Conflicts of Interest exists that possibly would preclude us from undertaking the work.

Therefore please contact Maverick’s directly via the details given in the Contact section to discuss in some more details about a particular case and the services we can render.