It is with great pleasure that we hereby announce that the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission at its official meeting of 14 March 2019 decided to fully recognize our Partner Dr. Erik VAN WELLEN as an officially accredited Mediator with specialization in Civil and Commercial Matters.

Maverick Enterprise will shortly update its web pages to incorporate this positive evolution and thus serve its customers even better. In the first instance, this recognition is particularly important for our Belgian customers and for our international customers whose business may entail a Belgian element. After all, for such conflicting parties, it becomes particularly appropriate to engage an accredited mediator, because only a mediation agreement reached under the supervision of an accredited mediator is eligible for court homologation. Through the homologation of the mediation agreement reached, it subsequently acquires the same enforceable power as a judgment. A not unimportant advantage indeed.

There are other benefits to be had also, but rather than unnecessarily elaborate here we would like to refer you to our website and Dr. Erik VAN WELLEN himself, who will gladly assist you with additional advice and practical interventions.


Maverick Enterprise

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